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Best Practice Software Packaging Workflow


Web-based workflow system with a unique platform to support IT departments in their software packaging projects

Software License Management


RaySAMi offers a comprehensive solution around the area of License Management, which can also be delivered as a managed service.

New Generation of Software Deployment


Automatically and centrally deploys OS and software applications and provides proactive patch management.

Best of Breed Software Packaging


Advanced software packaging for a range of physical and virtual formats including .msi, .rva Xexapp, AppV , etc.

Best is Software Evaluation


Provides a powerful automated tool for generating professional documentation for software packages.

Quality Control for Software Packaging


Rule-based tool used to execute software package testing to ensure packages will deploy across the required environments.

The best in Software Packaging and more....

The Raynet set of solutions provides a comprehensive toolset for the day to day management of software in a corporate environment. Covering areas such as software packaging, quality assurance, software delivery and license management the Raynet Suite of products offers a new generation of software management capabilities that has been developed by experts with a long history in software packaging and management.